Topic Journal March 2018 Issue “Cooking in the Americas” 

New South Online Micro Prose for April 2nd “Muñeca”.

Cosmonauts Avenue March 2018 Issue “Laced up tongues” shortlisted for the fiction prize.

*82 Review Issue 6.1 March 2018
Topography of Fruit” and “Poison Line

Planned Parenthood Roe v. Wade Anniversary Anthology January 2018
“War Paint”

Tinderbox Poetry Journal January 2018
Hair of the Dog” and “Sangre

Cosmonauts Avenue November 2017
To know thy Gods

Maudlin House November 2017
“Egg Shells”

Madwoman Etc Zine Issue Zero and One February 2017 and May 2017
Order your copy of Issue one!

Wizards in Space February 2017
Order a copy of Issue Two with my poem “Relief”!

SD Poetry & Art November 2016
“The Montage Resort” and “Chasing Heat”

Mused September 2016
“Wolf” and “Lost in Hydrangea Skies”

San Pedro River Review July 2016
Order Volume 8 No. 2 to read my poem “Tin Roofs Built By Bruised Knuckles”

Paradox by Rad Press July 2016
Order a copy to read my poems “The Eruption of Vesuvius” and “Never Been the Girl Next Door”

The Art of Creating Issue by Snapdragon: A Journal of Art and Healing December 2015
Order a copy of Issue 14 to read my poem “Kintsugi”



Synesthesia Anthology June 2017
Buy a copy to read my poem “Taking Shape”

Magee Park Poets 2017 Anthology March 2017
Order a copy to read my poems “Zion Market” and “Good Shepherd Cemetery”



Poetry International Online
Book Review for Barbie Chang by Victoria Chang

Poetry International Online
Interview with Ana Luísa Amaral by Valorie K. Ruiz and Matt Fowler